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Last Friday I confirmed my belief that a devoted audience breeds utopic performatives.  I was at Exit, the punk rock bar you my have been to, or — like I — driven by and said, “I should go there sometime,” but never have since they’re open 365 days a year!  Well, free burlesque did the trick for me, and it should for you, too!  After all, how much more utopic can it get?  Here are my ethnographic notes, in poem form, texted into my phone and transcribed below for you:  
The EXcITement builds.
Vaudezilla‘s bringing it to the people.
College of burlesque: Vixen’s
drinking while operating a camera.
PBR = Sponsor. Free parking.
Rickety stairs like a carnival ride.
Dark corner hugs in lieu of the BF.
Feathers & fencing.
Sequins & skulls.
Disco ball and dancing queens.
Dumdum pops.
Lovely bearded nerds and tough jeaned gals.
Dainty poof skirts & ROAR.
Pleather couches,
Red Hot Annie, red head seated.
Radiating red bulbs, boobs red.
Reading PBR can.
Pointing @ ducts.
Packed house.
Dard, dark hair. Dark. Dark skin.
Glasses. Rims. Hoops. Rims. Glass rims.
Beards, braids, berets, “I love beef jerky!”
Hugs, sips, zombies.
Sparkle hoodie, grey strand. Fellini tie.
Tag-along trophies — confused.
Microphone erections,
‘She’s so little,’ yells the boy behind me.
Bleach blond curls.
Organic odor.
Mixed tape. Mixed race. Snap a picture.
Tighter, tighter, we’re packed.
Tighter, tighter, how much tighter can we get?
Curls, curls, bouncing curls…all around bouncing.
Wordless music. Voicefull pantomime.  High.
Cross tattoo. Flashlight. Where’s the movie?
All before it starts.
…and the notes stop there because once burlesque starts, you better not have reason to look away and text!  So, do come out for the next free show, Friday, March 26 @ 10PM…purely for research purposes, of course! 
But, if you can’t wait until then to get your free fix of fabulous burlesque, do come out to the Blue Bayou tonight at 10PM.  Yours truly will be performing new numbers on both dates…Cheers to utopia!

~ by sofiminx on March 4, 2010.

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