Bringing Out the Beauty Within

My least favorite part of Chicago’s awesome summers is when the word around town is, “summer is over”. So, to avoid depression, I’ve started to reminisce about the amazing artistic souls I had the pleasure of working with this summer. From today until the official start of Autumn, I will be sharing bloggerviews with you of a make-up artist, a director, a painter, and a burlesque dancer who bring me to life when I am around them.

Let’s start with Georgia Argiris, a soul whose smiles are as plentiful as the peaches her namesake is known for. She is the most approachable and generous make-up artist I have ever known. I grew-up very insecure about the proper application of make-up given that my mother hardly wore any, and my training in stage make-up was a little “slap-dash” (as Eddie Izzard says when describing his Transvestite Combat Brigade look). Georgia has been a teacher, a friend, and an inspiration for me, as well as the rest of her clientele. To see why, read on:

Have you always loved make-up? Were you one of those girls that was putting it on since you were little?
I always did love makeup but never thought I would be doing it as a profession until I got older. My grandmother got me into it, as well as my mom, who was a professional dancer. They are both my idols from the time I was little until today. My Yiayia (‘grandmother’ in Greek) used to buy me makeup books from the resale shop and I fell in love– head over heels– with the feelings that the images of the men and women transmitted in the photos. The emotions that I was drawn to were confidence, seduction, liberation, and freedom. Makeup evoked all of those emotions in my core. I just wanted to tap into those emotions and share what I felt with the world around me. It was a gift I wanted to give to those I love and total strangers alike.

What’s your favorite part about doing make-up?

Watching the person that I’m applying makeup to transform the way that they view themselves from the outside in.  It can help someone exude the utmost confidence or sexuality.  It pulls out their most inner being and lets their soul seep through.

How does it feel to make people’s beauty potential possible?

I’m the luckiest woman in the world.  I’m the happiest and most at peace when I know that I have assisted in giving someone the gift of confidence in themselves.  If I can make that person feel beautiful,  my dear, whatever their definition of beauty is, then I have done my job and I have done it well.

What sort of training have you undergone?
Over 5 years working for MAC Cosmetics and a lifetime of practice!

Do you sometimes feel like, “Oh, I wish I could help that girl with her make-up!” ?

I have never wanted to change or fix someone’s makeup unless they are uncomfortable with their look and ask me for help.  Otherwise, the thought never crosses my mind.  Because, no matter what or how someone is wearing anything, they are beautiful!  We are all beautiful!

Other than taking good care of burlesque performers, what other clients and events you do make-up for and how can someone get in touch with you?
I do makeup for any and all!  Photo shoots, fashion shows, performances, bridal events, special occasions,  on-air talent, fitness/body building shows…My e-mail is:

Do you have a favorite make-up tip?
My favorite makeup tip is: Just be you. Always be true to who you are.  Remember, you are the perfect definition of beauty.

~ by sofiminx on August 25, 2010.

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